Are your kids interested in CrossFit? Enroll them in CFC’s CrossFit Kids or Teens Program

Our Kids and Teens programs encourage fitness that is broad, general, inclusive, and specifically designed for children and teenagers to prepare them for life. CFC Kids and Teens classes specialize in constantly variety, functional fitness and, of course, FUN! CrossFit Kids focuses on fun and entertaining workouts to get kids excited about exercising, while teaching foundational skills that will translate into future training and a healthy lifestyle.

CrossFit will benefit your child by:

  • Improving Motor Skills and coordination
  • Improving performance and coachability in sports, through strength and speed & agility training
  • Teaching goal setting and working towards those goals
  • Improving self confidence and overall self esteem

CrossFit Kids!

Ages 5 – 11

Tuesday & Thursday, 3:45PM

Kids classes typically last about 30-45 minutes, and utilize a combination of exercise and traditional CrossFit methodology, with games and fun activities designed for younger and developing athletes.

Cliffhangers Kids focuses on developing functional movement and coordination, establishing an active, healthy lifestyle, all while providing a welcoming and fun environment for our young members to socialize and develop communication and interpersonal skills.

Rules for Adults

  • Adults are cheerleaders, not coaches.  Positive cheering is encouraged; giving direction/cues is not, and will not be tolerated.
  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES.  Please put your phone on vibrate before the start of class and take the calls outside if needed.
  • Stay outside of designated activity areas.
  • Be on time so your kids can get properly warmed up.
  • Please make us aware of any injuries or changes in your child’s health that might affect them during CrossFit kids.
  • Class is 30-45 minutes in length. Please be prompt in picking up your child. We are not a daycare. Also, please provide reading and or activity materials for your child to complete while waiting to be picked up or for you to finish working out.

Rules for Kids

  • “Freeze!” means stop right away, no matter what you are doing.
  • No swinging from or playing on any equipment unless instructed
  • You must stay inside the activity area at all times.
  • No running outside by yourself at any time during class.
  • If you aren’t following the rules, you will have to sit out of the game/exercise.
  • Have fun!