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1-On-1 Personal Introduction with a Coach

CrossFit Cliffhangers offers all new members two 1-on-1 introductory sessions with a CFC coach, designed to introduce and welcome you to the Cliffhanger family. This 2-3 session introduction experience aims to help CFC coaches learn about your goals and determine the best path to your personal success, as well as to show you what the CrossFit Cliffhangers community is all about.

Session 1 is a “no-sweat” introduction which will last approximately 15 minutes, during which time our coaches will discuss:

  • Your fitness goals and how to achieve them
  • An overview of our unique training methodology: What CrossFit is, and how CFC can help you
  • Specific information on how CFC will transform your health, fitness, and lifestyle
  • Information about CFC memberships, class schedule and structure, and next steps to membership

Session 2 (approximately 15 minutes) will involve an individual movement assessment, which will further help your coach evaluate your fitness and mobility, introduce you to what a typical class entails, and provide you with a quick tour of our facility and the equipment we use. Be prepared to sweat during your second session! Session 2 will last between 45 minutes to an hour.

Session 3 (may be completed immediately following session 2 if desired) is your first official CrossFit Cliffhangers class! Many individuals choose to schedule this class immediately following their second intro session, though this is not required. During this session, you will join a regularly scheduled CFC class, led by a certified instructor, and a second coach will work with you 1-on-1 throughout the class to help you with movements and provide 1-on-1 instruction.


Basic membership packages for CrossFit Cliffhangers are listed below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding membership rates. 

  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: $175/month
  • 2 classes per week (one month): $130
  • 10 class pack: $185
  • Single drop-in: $20
  • CrossFit Kids, 10 class pack: $150 for children of non members, $120 for children of members

CrossFit Kids!

Our certified CrossFit Kids! program encourages fitness that is broad, general, inclusive, and specifically designed for children to prepare them for life. CFC Kids classes specialize in constantly variety, functional fitness and, of course, FUN! CrossFit Kids focuses on fun and entertaining workouts to get kids excited about exercising, while teaching foundational skills that will translate into future training and a healthy lifestyle.
CrossFit will benefit your child by:

  • Improving Motor Skills and coordination
  • Improving performance and coachability in sports, through strength and speed & agility training
  • Teaching goal setting and working towards those goals
  • Improving self confidence and overall self esteem

$120 for members children/$150 non-members for 10 classes. Multiple child discount available.

Personal Training & Small Group

Prefer one on one training with one of our coaches? Cliffhangers offers personal training and small group (2-3 individuals) sessions which focus on strength, mobility, and conditioning to help you meet your fitness goals in a individualized setting.

Training packages starting at $45/session, contact us for information.

CrossFit Cliffhangers offers all first responders, active military, and those with multiple CFC members in one household a 10% discount. Discounts may not be combined.