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Warm-up (No Measure)

PVC Pass Throughs x 10

PVC Rotations x 10 Ea

PVC Snatch Grip Press x 10

PVC Overhead Squats x 10

Alternating Groiners w/Pause x 5 Ea

Duck Walk x 10M

Burpee Broad Jump x 10M


3 Rounds for Quality

A: Top of Ring Hold (3 x 15 Sec)

B: Bottom of Ring Hold (3 x 15 Sec)

C: Supinated Grip Bar Hang (3 x 20 Sec)

D: Single Arm Sots Press (3 x 5 Ea)

F: Single Arm Farmers Carry (3 x 100M Ea)


Metcon (Weight)

15 Minutes for Quality of:

1 1/2 Turkish Get Up

10M Overhead Walking Lunges

15 Single Arm KBS

Switch arms and repeat