General CrossFit Information

What is “CrossFit”


CrossFit is a health and fitness program that achieves a very broad, general fitness that is applicable to everyday life. It is a blend of nutrition, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting (Olympic and Power), and throwing.

CrossFit is a method, a way to do things. Like the workouts, the methods utilized are continuously changing, evolving, and adapting towards best practices.

At its foundation, the CrossFit prescription is to “perform constantly varied, functional movements, done at a relatively high intensity.


Sounds great! But what does that mean?

Constantly Varied


It is rare in CrossFit that you will repeat the same workout twice. This means, your body won’t ever become accustomed to a routine, and the workouts will be fun and different. There are only a handful of “benchmark” workouts  that are used to measure progress. These workouts even create a bit of friendly competition with yourself, others in your gym, or those around the world. You’ll often hear people talk about “PR’ing on Fran,” or some other benchmark workout.

9 Foundational Movements


There are 9 Foundational Movements to CrossFit. These 9 movements create the foundation for the majority of other movements used within CrossFit. Each movement increases in skill, from the most basic (foundational) movement to the most complex. Think of each of the following movements, in the progression, as a more efficient means to the same end as the one before it. Mastering each progression builds the necessary universal motor recruitment patterns that translates to other activities.


Foundational Movement  

       Progression 1        

         Progression 2            

Air Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Shoulder Press

Push Press

Push Jerk


Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP)

Medicine Ball Clean


For standards and instruction on more basic CrossFit movements, click below to visit our CrossFit Movement Gallery.

High Intensity


Intensity is what brings it all together and gets results. Intensity is relative to each individual, so push yourself in order to lose weight, get stronger, and reach your goals quickly.

Intensity = Results!